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Doctor Clockwork is renowned throughout the land for his Collection of GENUINE Electrical Devices virtually Guaranteed to produce PLEASURE and AMUSEMENT of the Highest Caliber! Customers can trust the Quality of the Products they purchase, each Item having been Pre-Tested in Doctor Clockwork’s own Scientific Laboratory Dr. Clockwork will be bringing violet wands , which are completely, unavailable anywhere in Northern California

What’s a violet wand?

The first thing to know about violet wands, is that your violet wand is your power supply.  It transforms household current into a steady stream of sparks that energize your nerves and stimulate your skin. This is called the output and the output varies between types of wands and different makes and models. There are two basic types of violet wands as a power supply. The first is the heavy duty electromechanical types which run on an electro-magneto coil. The second type are the electronic solid state types that run on a circuit board. For more info go to