Cute Little Fuckers

We welcome Cute Little Fuckers to the ball!! They are gender inclusive sex toys, shaped like adorable monsters. Each toy is made of high quality silicone, packs a strong and variable vibration, and is a character in themselves with their own name and pronoun and life in a webcomic series. Cute Little Fuckers is the creation of the disabled queer activist Step Tranovich (they/them). After a successful first production round, they launched the project on Kickstarter in September and reached their first funding goal in under 12 hours. The Cute Little Fuckers Kickstarter campaign is still raising funds for more characters until October 31st!

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Cute little fucker

Cute little fuckers is a queer webcomic and a series of cute collectible sex toy monsters made for ALL identities. Together our mission is to make sex more creative, inclusive, and genuinely fun!

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